Tips to teach people to swim


As discussed always, newborns have been through swimming and know the basics. Something that have never crossed our mind realizing that all the newborns are actually great swimmers. Teaching swimming to an infant is no easy task. It involves a lot of carefully planned and executed steps. Before going through the actual methods, you have to plan well the following: the swimming atmosphere, location and time of the day, feeding and the method of swimming. Keep the swimming area clean and organized at all times. Create a schedule and then maintain a similar time of the day for baby swimming lessons.

Babies should be well fed before swimming lesson. Avoid taking any hungry or just fed well babies into the water. Always use the same location or tub for swimming lessons to minimize the distractions. The learning process should be progressive and should start from simple to complex exercises. Follow all these simple steps to ensure that the infants are learning to swim more efficiently. All this methods listed here will be suitable for 3 months old babies.

Start baby swimming lessons with hug and cuddle

Hug your baby and cuddle him/her whenever you reach them towards the pool. This will help to reassure your baby of their safety. You can also recline your baby face to face with you in the water continuously looking to each others eyes. The water level should be up to your chest level. Allowing the baby to lie on you face to face. At all times, take care of their heads to keep them from dipping. Repeat this activity for the next few lessons and start to have them putting in efforts standing on their legs. Let him stand initially for a few seconds with your full support. With more efforts later, he will start standing for a longer time and gradually in a straighter position. This exercise will eventually give them the strength to do kicking in the future.

Teach baby how to balance in the water

Slowly when he/she is fully comfortable in the water, start to let go of them for a brief time after the initial cuddle in a reclined position for about 1 to 2 seconds. Always make sure that the baby are not sliding into the water; gently steadying him before his chin reaches water level. This will teach your babies the balancing skills in the water. Repeat this steps for the next few swimming lessons and making minor steps to correct the positioning every time. Within a few weeks you will find that the baby will learn to position him/herself and start to hold on to you from either left or right sides. With this the baby will have learn how to balance and floating on his/her own self.

Teach the baby how to float in the water

As you sit in the tub and turn him around to bring the chest up , your child may get nervous and loses his eye contact with you. The baby will be frightened at this stage. Try to comfort him with some gentle words and soft repeated touches. After a short time, bring him back and make eye contact again. Bring him back again in the bathtub and he will slowly gain confidence and get comfortable lying on his back. With your free hand, start lifting him at his back so that his lower body can float. Now, one of your hand is supporting his head and neck, and another one can be holding his/her buttocks. 

Repeat this for many days and he will get comfortable and starts enjoying the swim, kicking in this position. At this stage, if you slowly start leaving him and reholding him just after he comes down one or two inches, he will eventually start floating on his back. Some babies however may take a long time to achieve this. The trick over here is to maintain a body and mind relaxed . A tensed baby will become denser and drown faster.

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